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Packing List//Before & After

Clothing List


  • Black Lululemon leggings                          -Still have (with little loose seams.)
  • Blue Roots shorts                                        -Gave them to Myka to wear
  • Black Nike running shorts                           -Still have
  • Grey Roots shorts                                        -I don't even know what they are...
  • Blue QCT soccer shorts                               -NO CLUE WHERE THEY ARE
  • Maroon skirt                                                -Send back in Thailand
  • Black Underarmour shorts                          -Still have (thank goodness.)


  • Dark grey t-shirt                                          - Lost in a waterfall in Thailand
  • Grey American Eagle shirt (semi-formal)  - Still have
  • Turquoise American Eagle t-shirt               - Still have
  • Wolves academy soccer jersey                    -Sent back home from Crete
  • Grey+Black Smartwool running wear         -Still have
  • Maroon Norwood sweater                           -Still have

Within the "Other" category

  • Lululemon tank top                                       -Sent back from China
  • 4X Puma socks                                             -Um...you know how socks are.
  • 10X underwear                                             -Unlike my socks I still have all of them
  • PJ bottoms                                                    -Still have  
  • PJ top                                                            -Still have
  • 3X bras                                                         -Gave 2X of them to Myka
  • Down jacket (Patagonia)                              -Still have
  • Rain Jacket (The North Face)                       -Still have
  • Red loose scarf                                              -Sent from India
  • 1X swimming suit                                         -Still have

Other Stuff

Hygienic Stuff

  • Hairbrush                                                        -Still have
  • Contact lens                                                    -Still have 22
  • Contact solution                                              -I don't know where it went
  • Contact case                                                    -???
  • Eyedrops                                                         -Still have
  • Glasses                                                            -Still have
  • Glasses case                                                    -Left it in China
  • Vaseline                                                           -Still have
  • Rose Cream                                                     -Finished it in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Eos lip balm                                                    -Threw it away in Cambodia
  • Small hair bands                                              -Used them all  and/or lost them
  • Toothbrush                                                       -Finished it in Malaysia
  • Spoolie                                                             -Still have

Writing Stuff

  • Journal                                                             -Went through 6 of them
  • Pens                                                                 -I'm not really sure how many are gone.
  • Nexus 7                                                            -Still have
  • Kindle                                                              -Still have
  • Charger                                                            -Still have
  • Earphones                                                         -Went through 3 pairs

So that is actually all I brought for my year long journey. I would've done a list with all the items I've obtained, but during the span of a year, I think that I wouldn't be able to keep track. But in Europe, I've picked up a few clothes. Both throughout Europe and Asia, stationary was a must-have. And of course the random snacks or pastries would definitely add up.


So thanks for reading this packing list!

Bye! (France blogs coming soon!)

How I Survived a Month on an Island - Crete, Greece

How I Survived a Month on an Island - Crete, Greece