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Barren Lands with Holes in Caverns - Cappadocia Region, Turkey

Barren Lands with Holes in Caverns - Cappadocia Region, Turkey

Hey guys! Today, i'm going to write about a cool region called Cappadocia. (Ka-pa-do-chia). Might of heard of it through the popular balloon riding photos. We didn't. At times, it was just too windy.

After Istanbul, we took a night bus. And what an amazing idea it was. After the China night bus, i thought "NO MORE NIGHT BUSES!" and after this Turkish night bus, i thought, "Can we buy more night bus tickets?"

Of course, i would only board the night buses in Turkey. Everytime we stopped to pick up people, (which isn't as random as China) the workers gave out snacks and drinks. One time, it happened at 3am. When i left the bus in the morning, i had a whole stash of delicious packaged Turkish snacks.

And this was the sight we were introduced to when we arrived in the morning. Odd sharp hills or rocks, with small holes in them. Oops! Not holes but dwellings. People used to live inside these chimney shaped houses. Incredible history that went with the incredible sight.

Instead of balloon tours or motorbiking tours or even horseback riding tours, we took hikes. Got loads of sand in our clothes and once, i steered our family down a water path, making it nearly impossible for me to escape. 100%  worth the experience.

Day 1 - Goreme, Cappadocia Region

As you can observe in photos, the lighting is very different in almost each one. Well, this day was a very windy day. If you were at a high point (which happened very often) you would feel exhilaration because of the wind and the height. Oh and also the views.

And a donkey for extra interest.

Day 2 - Goreme, Cappadocia (again)

This day's hiking was a little more different. Instead of following a trail to a destination, we decided to make our own trail. And that is how us four kids almost were stuck inside a little water path. But that story comes later.

Down below was a pigeon house...or was it? First, you had to enter these blocks of stone, then you were inside. But did you know that if you went up and along a small but very high chute, there was a passage...

...to a second floor? And to the very left hand corner of this second floor, there is a third floor...

...and in the third floor, there is a window, exiting out onto rocks. BUT, DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE WAS A FOURTH FLOOR? Well sorry to disappoint, we didn't go up because the rock looked mighty fragile. Was there a fifth floor? I didn't see one but i assume that there was!

 Myka on the left.

Myka on the left.

Views from the pigeon window rock above. Myka sitting next to the pigeon window (right below you) and Lucy leaning on the pigeon window (left below.)

This well decorated cavern here, is a cathedral. The images below are of the worship place. But there are several stairs and they lead to other routes and it's incredibly vast for something carved from rock.

Dramatic Water Path Story

Excuse my vocabulary, what i mean to say isn't 'water path' but 'we fell down a path that the water carved.' Well, i actually intentionally jumped into the trap and helped Eli, Lucy and Myka come inside. Only to find that the path led to a good 20 meters in a straight downhill descent.

I had found a hooked stick but it couldn't help us yet.

Heaving Eli and Lucy up with the help of Myka and mom's pulling was pretty simple. Then came the fact of Myka and I. We tried helping Myka up 4 times and failed. So i took a break, to snap a few shots of the situation. Glad i did because now it makes explaining 60% easier. So finally, we got Myka up after a large amount of effort.

But...where was dad?

So happens that he was going down another path only to find out that it was also a straight downhill onto someone's roof. 

Similar to our story except that he didn't have any help...or did he?

But, he couldn't get a grip to get back out. Well, at that moment that Eli and Lucy were saved, they came across dad, accompanied with a huge stick. Yes. Basically, the twins with a combined force of a stick, had saved dad.

Well, since everyone was saved except for me, Dad came by with twins' stick. Then, i had remembered that i also, had a hooked stick.

Now that i think about it, we literally just match made with sticks. And no not with fire (if you get me.) Hey! If i went back, they could have a like a cool stick family or something. Hmm... Or that could just be the broken shards of stick fragments.



He had wedged the log-like-stick between the sand on either sides and i had to rely my weight 100% on a hooked stick. And that was how i got out. The day afterwards, my arms and shoulders ached. But in a good way.

Day 2 of Cappadocia was really amazing and the route back home was longer than i would have liked but for the view, and the golden hour, it was totally worth it.

Day 3 - Goreme, Cappdocia (Well, Gerani was the only place we stayed at afterall...)

On this day, we got a taxi to take us to this one cavern that went 8 floors underground. Did some sightseeing and returned to our Airbnb to rest.

 This is the Evil Eye. To protect you against evil spirits. Typically used for tourist souvenirs.

This is the Evil Eye. To protect you against evil spirits. Typically used for tourist souvenirs.


Day 5 was the last day in Cappadocia and also it was the best day. (By the way, we visited 2 museums.)

What?! A museum day being the best day?  This above is a part of a museum.  The 2 below are also museums. 

How was it the best day?

Was it because i took a photo of the ceiling in a church that had forbid any photos from being taken? (Note that i took it from underneath where there are less tourist.)

No and it wasn't this adorable pottery shop either.

It was after the museums. There was interesting rocks from across the parking lot of the museum. You could go any height as far as the rocks went and the view from your point over the rocks was amazing. Combined with the wind and the clouds to shade you from the glaring heat of the sun. Just beautiful. That was the best part.


Myka, Lucy and Eli watch mom attempt to run up a steep hill.


That is all for this amazing Cappadocia region blog! We left Gerani on a night bus to Izmir. Where Ataturk's museum was. We stayed for a short 2 or 3 days. That blog of Izmir will be posted alongside the ancient city of Ephesus. And after that, i'll be ready to post my Greek blog! Stay tuned and thanks for sticking around with my really infrequent blog posts! 


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