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My Favourite Asian Experiences/Adventures - Travel Advice 101

My Favourite Asian Experiences/Adventures - Travel Advice 101

(Photo of Lucy in Autumn 2016 - Before Leaving on the Trip)

So we've spent almost 7 months in Asia (yeah, wow) and there has been so many varied favourites that i will need to rank them in a different scale ;) Off i go with our Awards! First up we have...

Most Differences Culturally.

Surprisingly enough, it's not India with this award. Anyways, being in the first city outside of North America was a BIG culture shock. Especially if that country was totally (but not 100%) foreign. Sorry if that was confusing, what i mean is that this new country is foreign but not in the European standard. Foreign but it was familiar through...Chinatowns in other cities! Exactly. China. We stayed with an extremely nice and hospitable host. She walked us places to show us where to eat, making sure we were alright and helping us with so many resources. Basically perfect for a non-experienced-chinese-looking-family.

Note : Some of these photos may have captions so if you're on a touch-screen you literally just need to tap on the photo. The rest of the mouse population, just swipe over the photos. Thanks. Btw, this is the same text i put into my India blogs. Originated in my, Kochi Blog.

Next, for the awards, coming in hot are three places, struggling to win over my heart for the...


One was in Vietnam, another in Cambodia and the last one was in Malaysia. La Perle for Vietnam, Silver Palms in Cambodia and lastly, SUPER HOST WILLIAM in Malaysia. (For the worst accommodation awards, i present to you the first Nanning Hostel in (Nanning) China, and the second is the Tea Mountain in a tea village China.)

Penang, Malaysia - SUPER HOST WILLIAM (Tap/click to the right to see more.)

Siem Reap, Cambodia - SILVER PALMS

Hue, Vietnam - La Perle

So here we go! Results are coming in...

Who's winning this Award?

Sorry 'Bitter Tea' and 'Nanning's Ex' not looking good for your accomadations :(

There are no photos for 'Nanning's Ex' although 'Bitter Tea' is down below.

Now the next award is for...


Asian food in general is delicious. So why am i even going to compare Chinese food to Malaysian food to even INDIAN?! Hard. If not extremely difficult. So let's evaluate the contestants.

And the winner is...umm. I haven't yet decided. Give me a moment to consult my family members. 

Each person has two votes (but we have a Seventh Person on this Journey who joined us in 1 of the 3 Istanbul blogs!)

So i guess we have a winner! Congrats Malaysia! The perfect mixture of Indian, Malay and Chinese food. Mamak (Malay Muslim food, generally tastes more India) in the morning, Malaysian during lunch and Chinese for dinner? Perfect.

 Elks in Jasper National Park beccause i needed a photo and it looks sort of cute, right?

Elks in Jasper National Park beccause i needed a photo and it looks sort of cute, right?

But i want to highlight the fact that Indian food is not just butter chicken and naan bread. There is East Indian, West Indian, North and South Indian food. They all have their own special and unique sort of cooking and dishes. It's crazy for all the variety one country has. And i'm not even including all the tribes!

The next award is for the most 'local' country. (You could say that going to Costco on a Saturday is a Regina local experience but that's not what i mean in this case.)

Example: visiting that night bus in China is local. And that Indian "semi-deluxe" bus from Jaipur to Agra. (Therefore taking the bus is low-cal!)

The Local Award goes to...

Tied in 1st place is Cambodia(left) and India(right)! India has a lot of people. (Obviously.) So, the vast majority of the population are poor but there are some larger and developed cities in India. In Cambodia, they're poorer but they have less people. Probably, the award would go to Cambodia but it wouldn't really count. Why? Well I mean, that out of the 3 cities we visited, 2 of them were more touristy. Once in Cambodia,we saw a little boy just kick his garbage in the river. Funny but not really. (This is just my opinion from our experiences.)

Photo Disclaimer because i honestly didn't take any photos of Singapore. Thanks Google.

 Cleanest Country/Most Developed Country/ The Luxurious Country

Singapore. Singapore and Singapore. Nothing much else to say. It's the 9th most developed country in the world. (Canada's the 1st just saying haha.)

Most/Less Touristic Country.

For the most touristic country i would say, Thailand.  Least touristic is obviously Kazakhstan. Just kidding. It would be China. But yes Kazakhstan is still in Asia. And we did stay for less than 14 hours so still is the less touristy.

Thailand, we visited 4 places. 4/4 were touristy. Bangkok, Chiangmai, Pai and Koh Phangan. It's not like we didn't live in the heart of the tourist traps neither did we do a sort of whole group tour bus thing. Still, there were still other islands to visit other than just Koh Phangan for a month. I got some infection resting time though! (Read more about that in this blog.)



 Thailand continued

Thailand continued

Now for China, most of the travelers are Chinese. Rarely do we ever see anyone from Europe or the Americas. One time we met this nice German couple who were making their way around the country by pointing and using hand gestures. Traveling China would be extremely difficult for us if mom didn't know Mandarin. Learning Mandarin is next on my list of stuff to do when i come back to Canada.

The next award's title may sound a little odd. But it'll make sense if you read on...

Country We Remained in for the shortest time.

I guess this is an award! No offense to the country that I've decided to say "Sorry i didn't like your country so i'm leaving." No it's not that. In any way. It just happened to fit in with our schedule. So let's see the nominee for this award shall we? Actually, this award is returning to Singapore again! We remained in Singapore with a record of 3 days! And probably Singapore is also breaking records of winning awards. (Let's bring back the Google Photos!)

 Didn't expect this for Singapore? Well okay. SURPRISE!

Didn't expect this for Singapore? Well okay. SURPRISE!

Of course, we must swing back the other way to the question of the longest stay. But it's slightly more complicated than that, isn't it? Let's see who will win this one.

Longest Stay at a Country

I believe that it's China but we remained there for 6 weeks. Same for Vietnam. Vietnam felt longer because we continued to move from place to place a lot. But i mean we had higher energy in China because it was the beginning but Vietnam wasn't too far behind. But Thailand we had to renew our visa to extend our stay in Thailand. I was pretty sure that we remained in China or Vietnam longer than Thailand but i could be mistaken because i was 'sick.' Other than that i would stick to China although i can't be sure because Vietnam was sure to confuse my thoughts. Same with Thailand but as i said, it's hard to estimate because-


 Crossing the streets on the overpass - Beijing, China

Crossing the streets on the overpass - Beijing, China

7 Months Apart....

 Crossing the sidewalk after the street - Izmir, Turkey

Crossing the sidewalk after the street - Izmir, Turkey

The final and last award. (I wish i could say 'but not the least' although i'm running out of ideas.) So obviously, this award would be the one most people would want to know....

Personal Favourite Country.

My favourite Asian Country. Well, let's see.  China was amazing. Vietnam was different in a good way. Cambodian was a very memorable experience. Thailand was a mix of everything. Malaysia was incredibly excellent. Singapore, beautifully fancy and luxurious. India was so interesting and cultural. So...how am i to chose?

I love Vietnam but that won't be fair because Singapore got most awards. Yet choosing the country with most awards would also be unfair. Singapore would leave the others very much behind. Besides, i kinda like India more than Singapore.

But i forget that even India has all that fascinating cultural differences than no other country has. Thailand has the beaches.

Even if Thailand has beautiful beaches, they are missing the ancient almost untouched and still intact Cambodian runes of the Angkor Wat that none other than compare to.

All the same, Cambodia is missing the cool weather that China has. Wait...China is also in a small part of the Malaysian culture. What about Malaysia?

Well...i mean...

Malaysia isn't as...

It can't be so...

I guess...that i found myself a winner? Well i'm not complaining because Malaysia literally has it all.

If you want more details read more of my Malaysian blogs here. (More promotion of my blog.) Anyways, i really don't mind having Malaysia as my favourite because i really did enjoy that country.

Okay thanks for joining me on my summary of Asia! I'M COMING BACK TO ASIA 100% CERTAIN. But for now, i'm in Europe and in the process of inching my way back to Canada. Before i can depart again. Minus all the school and education and financial work first, but at least i have it clear in my mind where to go! 


 Myka and I are just practicing a few things on the Yellow Mountain in China.

Myka and I are just practicing a few things on the Yellow Mountain in China.


P.S. Srry a bout the typos and teh seplilng misateks. Just saynig.
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